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We leave Cusco at 6:00am in a private bus, crossing many valleys and communities. Mid-morning we visit the graves of pre-Inca Ninamarca known as Ch’ullpas, then head to the historic village in the Andes, Paucartambo where we have breakfast. We will take a walk through the village and continue our journey up the mountain to climb to 3,852m. Acjanacu this is the starting point of Manu National Park as we continue through the lowland rain forest full of beautiful Orchids, Ferns and primitive Heliconias. We bus down and then walk 30 minutes to see the famous national bird of Peru, Rupicola Peruviana, or Cock of the Rock in its mating ritual. We may also have the opportunity to see the birds Trogons, Quetzals, Tanagers and many more. In the evening we arrive at Pilcopata where we spend the night in a shelter.


After a delicious breakfast we bus to the port of Atalaya where we transfer to our boat to sail on the River, Alto Madre de Dios. On the way we see a great variety of birds such as Herons, Kingfisher and always there is the presence of Vultures of which the most spectacular is the Condor of the jungle. At noon we arrive at our hostel in Yanayaco for lunch. Then we will have a rest in the hammocks, preparing for an evening walk on the trails. The neo-tropical jungle is like a scientific laboratory; 25% of pharmaceuticals get their medicines from the species here, however less than 1% of all of the species have been analyzed. We will learn a bit of the medicinal plants that grow in the forest and of the animals that live among them. After the walk we will be returning to the lodge for dinner and again prepare for a 50 minute night walk to Collpa, where we see Tapirs, the largest mammal in South America eating salty clay. We finish the night by heading back to the lodge to relax.


Very early we will go to the nearby Collpa to see green parrots, Macaws, then come back to the lodge for breakfast. We will sail down the river, visiting native communities. Today we check into Tambo Blanquillo hostel, where we visit the Cocha Lagoon. This land is a delight, as we enjoy the river we will also be able to see Sea Lions. We return for dinner and you will also have the option of a night trip to visit the white Alligator.


We get up early again to go to the parrot clay licks, a formation naturally caused by parrots who visit there daily and erode the walls feeding. Not only is it a colorful show but you also experience a majestic auditory intimacy with all of the birds, then come back to the lodge for breakfast. In Tambo Blanquillo we will have activities, then collect our things and motor upstream to Yanayaco, the hostel where we spend the night.


After breakfast we ride upriver toward Atalaya, we find the hot springs were we have lunch and take a cozy dip in the majestic warm waters of Mother Earth. We continue to the hostel in Pilcopata to spend the night.


After breakfast we return to Cusco by bus, stopping in many interesting places throughout the trip, arriving around 5:00pm.