4 Days Classic Machu Picchu Inca Jungle Trek Tour

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Esta aventura es una de las mejores caminatas alternativas en Cusco, captura la majestuosa energía de Machu Picchu a través de antiguos caminos diseñados por los Incas y te hará sentir vivo y lleno de adrenalina. Esta excursión dura 4 días y le da la oportunidad de aventurarse en actividades tales como: ciclismo, rafting, tirolesa y trekking. Salidas diarias todo el año, reserva previa.

From USD 345

+7 Additional options

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Day 1: Cusco – Pispitayoc (Biking and Rafting)

We will pick you up between 5:30am and 6:00am at your hotel and we will be heading toward the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Along the way you will get the chance to see picturesque villages and beautiful landscapes, arriving Ollantaytambo at around 8:00am. Breakfast will be served there, and also will have a last chance on buying extra goods that you may have forgotten for your expedition. Then, we start our last straight to Abra Malaga (4350 mt) which is the point of departure with the bikes (we will descend for 3 hrs., passing through small villages, orchards, rivers and streams, reaching  the town Huamanmarca - 1250 mt - at around 12:00pm. approx.). In Huamanmarca we will have our lunch, a buffet restaurant who mainly uses local ingredients and prepares unique dishes. After a short break we will go to Santa Maria where the group will be divided into 2: the ones with rafting option and the others. The ones with will be brought to the rafting site where they will receive a briefing and instructions. Safety is our priority and you will be handed out all the protection gear necessary. During the activity a safety kayak will always accompany us. The rafting guides are well trained and have tons of experience on this river. Depending on the season the river will be between class III and III+, in the case it reaches class IV or higher, for security reasons we will cancel the rafting and refund your payment. Meanwhile, if the travelers that didn’t book the rafting activity represent a sufficient amount of persons, they will go with an assistant guide in our private bus for 20 min. to the next town of Santa Rosa (if not, expect to wait an hour for the rest of the group). From this point we will walk for 45 min. until reaching an eco-lodge called “La Choza” where you can discover what the local has to offer; such as: coca leaves, coffee beans and maybe some other fruits or vegetables. La Choza is a unique place where to enjoy the jungle in its best way (the guest family who receives you does still things according to the Quechua’s tradition in a way that makes you travelling back in time). Don´t worry though, there are rooms with bunk beds and normal mattresses for you to rest on for the night, accompanied with an orchestra of jungle sounds. 

Day 2: Pispitayoc (Ecolodge) - Santa Teresa (Trekking)

At around 7:00am we plan for the wakeup call and set up the table for a nice typical breakfast with home grown natural coffee. Then around 8:00am, we will start our walk along an ancient road in the mountain that follows the bank of the river. In this area a lot of Inca’s trail can be found, but the one we will go with is still in good conditions. On our way through we will see wild fruits like: pineapple, pacay, avocado and many mores. The area is surrounded by many types of birds and orchids; this ecosystem belongs to the high forest and is one of the richer in terms of biodiversity of the Inca jungle. Once on top, we will see the whole valley of the lower Urubamba. The group will walk down the mountain for 2.30 hrs. until arriving to the village of Qellomayo and have lunch (there will be also hammock to rest and regain energy before the next part). After the break, we continue walking for 3 hrs. crossing farms, waterfalls and rivers (one will need to be crossed with a cart on a cable!). At around 4:00pm the group will arrive to Cocalmayo (or better known for its hot springs) near Santa Teresa. Cocalmayo offers several relaxing crystal clear hot springs, each of which has its own temperature. The sound of the river and the stars, if you stay there long enough, make it a perfect scenery. After the hot springs the group will continue to walk for about 40 min. until reaching the town of Santa Teresa, where this day ends in a comfortable hotel.

Day 3: Santa Teresa – Aguas Calientes (Zip line and Hiking)

The third day starts with a nice breakfast at the restaurant before continuing our amazing experience along the road of the first expeditionary that discovered Machu Picchu. It starts in Santa Teresa and for those who reserved in advance they will do zip lining (and later this group will be taken by bus to the area known as Hidroelectrica). The rest of the group will begin a trek of 3 hrs. through the valley until reaching the meeting point of Hidroelectrica where the entire group joins for the lunch. It is a beautiful spot we reserved just for the occasion and it is well perfect for resting or having your first sneak peak over the Machu Picchu. After enjoying this spot, we will continue walking along the train track that is leading through this great jungle that the Inca knew by heart; to our final destination: Aguas Calientes. It lasts around 3 hrs. and you will encounter beautiful waterfalls, different Eco farms and possibly wildlife curious of your arrival in the region (arrival set for around 4:00pm). Here the group will spend the night in a hostel. At night we all will get together in a local restaurant to enjoy a great dinner and have a briefing about our next excursion to Machu Picchu. Then you are free to visit the city which is wonderful after sun’s set.

Day 4: Aguas Calientes – Machu Picchu – Cusco

Finally, on this last day of our Inca jungle tour we get up and ready for 4:00am. We will head toward Machu Picchu and our trek will follow an ascending path through the forest for 45 min. (after registering first to the primary control gate - opening at 5:00am). The access to Machu Picchu is possible only after 6am. Then the private guided tour will lead us within the Inca citadel for about 2 hours - full explanation about the site will be given and additional time for questions will be allowed -. When finished, the travelers that booked the hiking for Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Montaña will be free to continue their adventure. The climbing lasts normally from .75 to 1 hour for Huayna Picchu and 1.5 to 2 hours for Montaña. The way up is steeply at some points but worth the effort because the view from the top is absolutely breathtaking and you have the opportunity to discover more ruins, while for Machu Picchu Montaña it is not as steep as Huayna Picchu, you have normal stairs, but you get even higher! *Please note on what schedule you are riding as it is important for organizing your return. Hence, don´t forget to ask your guide for what time you are scheduled (tickets to Machu Picchu are valid until noon). In the afternoon you will have to descend on your own from Machu Picchu to the town of Hidroelectrica and then catch a bus for 3pm (if you didn't request a train add-on) where the group will be picked up and transferred to Cusco. This all ends in the Plaza de Armas at around 9h30pm where you can return to your normal life!

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  1. Day 1 - Pickup from your hotel in Cusco
  2. Breakfast at CondeHouse Cusco
  3. Ollantaytambo
  4. Abra Malaga - Biking
  5. Break / Halfway
  6. Biking - Ending
  7. Lunch
  8. Rafting
  9. - sliding Urubamba -
  10. Rafting - Ending
  11. Ecolodge Conde - Rest
  12. Day 2 - Breakfast
  13. Trekking
  14. Viewpoint
  15. Trekking
  16. Lunch
  17. Suspension bridge
  18. Walking along the river
  19. Cabled car
  20. Cocalmayo's Hot Springs
  21. Hostel in Santa Teresa - Rest
  22. Day 3 - Breakfast
  23. Zipline
  24. Lunch at Hidroelectrica
  25. Bridge
  26. Trekking along the railroad/track
  27. Walking along the river
  28. Following the path / small reunion
  29. Aguas Calientes / Rest
  30. Day 4 - bus station for Machu Picchu
  31. Entrance gate (4h30am)
  32. Inca stairs to the actual site (6am)
  33. Guided Tour
  34. Train Station (refer to our document for a return in Bus)
  35. Ollantaytambo's Train Station
  36. Return to Cusco