Blog - Inca Jungle 4 Days
  • Day 1 - Inca Jungle trek

    Biking - Rafting - Ecolodge Conde

    Commencing a journey when surely you do not know where you are heading isn't always easy... Thank you to Conde Travel, you wake up at a reasonable time for that much activities! and after a little hour of ride, you stop at a nice restaurant for having breakfast! Climbing the mountain at a reasonable pace with the Van, you can enjoy all the altitude you will not have to do by yourself (sit back and relax is the motto). Here comes the biking. Most riding equipment is included; you just have to bring your head and your shoes (your bag(s) will travel safely in the Van). After that nice ride, lunch is provided in a sweet restaurant along the road; just before we continue toward our next stop: Rafting! There goes a lot of more FUN!!! Having just enough time to bring my adrenaline on a cool level (while hurrying to find Insect Repellent in the Van), the day ended with a short walk to reach the ecological retreat where magic operated its charm.

  • Day 2 - Inka Jungle trek

    Trekking - View - Hot Springs

    Slowly upraising our consciousness in this little space of paradise, some time was granted to contemplate the beauty of the jungle (with all its birds' diversity) before the breakfast. Then, after packing all our stuff, the Trek began on the Inca path! The slopes are steep on the side, but the trail is relaxing and the view is breathtaking. Many stops are made along the way to enjoy the nature and to see what the local do as part of the ecological retreat. At half day, a nice lunch (3 courses / without the dessert for the sweet tooth) is served and make you enjoy the hammocks comfortably. Heading to Santa Teresa, continuing on the trail and following the river, you encounter obstacles left by time that was shed upon the hazards of mother Nature. -It was not without surprise when we found out that to cross a river you had to go in a vessel set up on a cable! But in a hurry to join the hot springs, everyone forgot about the danger and was willing fully embarking in this last stroke. It was much of a pleasure to go in the hot springs after such a walk! All effort made washes away along with your worries and for a moment you could forget that you were walking on earth...

  • Day 3 - Inca jungle trek

    Zipline - trekking to Aguas Calientes

    The third day was a little bit more difficult on the moral... WHY??? Why do I have to wake up early! - Dancing at the nightclub the day before was nice, but we forgot that The zipline activity was awaiting us - Hopefully, I saw some others more drunk then me and I still enjoyed doing spiderman. Much fun there and the landscape is amazing! After this is following a bus ride to hidroelectrica where our walk toward Machu Picchu starts. It is possible to enjoy more deeply the beauty of the jungle and its good climate. It is approximately a 3h walk where all along you can find different stands, nice restaurants and some ecological sites. Gladly, our strenght laying on the ropes, we reached Aguas Calientes where the beautiful city stands out as much as the Machu Picchu next to it. I would say that the fun was equal visiting the town at night than the whole day we just had! It was for sure more relaxing, and everything looked delicious and appealing!!!

  • Day 4 - Inka Jungle Trek

    Machu Picchu guided tour

    Last day of four, the excitement was at its best! I had heard a lot about Machu Picchu but that was it, I would finally have my say about this mystical place of the Inca! It was early, but the fresh air from the jungle made my steps lighter, guiding me toward the exit of the city where lays the entrance of the mighty Machu Picchu. And of course we didn’t have the bus ticket to go on top because we wanted to do it real, experienced it with our flesh. At this time, a bare light was reaching us exposing the fragility of the morning whereas every parts of nature suffer from its own expansion and entangle its path together… 40 minutes later, more thoughts of the sort start to germinate and my senses cleared arouse on the wonder of Machu Picchu city. The difference in energy from climbing the flank was such that arrived in it I wanted to see every single part of it all at the same time. Then, followed by a guide that barely had the chance to explain anything to me, I ran to the Sungate (I didn’t reserve my ticket in time for Huayna Picchu or Montaña)! The shadows that was cast on the city from the clouds was making the whole very mysterious, but now that I was going upward I wanted them to shatter (with that of which comments start to emanate in surrounding about the inclemency of the time, at the top). Once arrived there, it was beautiful even tho I couldn’t see the mountain of Machu Picchu very well… but my wishes were answered for and the sun broke in 5 minutes after my arrival. It was around 10h15am and I think it was a better view than just the clear sky, because I was able to see all these pearls of water rolling around the vessel of the city exposing us life on its stand (later I learned that usually the Sun do not gets to the city before 9h30am). I think it was the best poetic moment of my entire travel around the world. I won’t forget this experience in a near future and/or surely not all the fun I was able to do in the region of Cusco!